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Citation: Muaz O. Article views PDF downloads Cited by 0. Muaz O. Previous Article Next Article. Research article. Download PDF. This is a descriptive study carried out in Khartoum state hospitals during the period from May to April As a part of the investigation, serum and pleural effusion samples were collected from patients with accumulated plural effusion. Prior to testing, 5 mL of venous blood and 20 mL of pleural effusion samples were prepared in accordance with specific testing requirements.

Exudative pleural effusions were observed in 95 Sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive value analysis of the parameters in the differentiation between exudate and transudate samples revealed the following values: On the basis of the study findings, it could be concluded that estimation of CHO, LDH, and protein ratios can assist in the differentiation between exudative and transudate pleural effusion and thus patient management.

Hence, this approach should be included in routine laboratory analyses of pleural effusions. Nevertheless, additional techniques should be incorporated in the diagnosis of doubtful pleural effusions, as this will improve the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity in this setting.

Related Papers:. Mayo Ciln Proc The pleura. Am Rev Respir Dis Ann Intern Med Chest JAFMC 4: 2. Clin Chem Lab Med Respirology 5: Can Respir J 8: The Rational Clinical Examination systematic review.

JAMA Its usefulness in differentiating between exudates and transudates. Arch Bronconeumol Pulmon Med. Rev Clin Esp Download XML. Export Citation. Article outline. Show full outline. Related pages on Google Scholar on PubMed. Tools Email to a friend. Citation Only. Citation and Abstract. Export Close. Black LF The pleural space and pleural fluid. Sahn SA State of art. Mathie P, Leers G, Henne A Differentiating transudative from exudative pleural effusion: should we measure effusion cholesterol dehydrogenase?

Pleural Fluid Interpretation

A more recent article on this topic is available. The serum to pleural fluid protein or albumin gradients may help better categorize the occasional transudate misidentified as an exudate by these criteria. If the patient has a transudative effusion, therapy should be directed toward the underlying heart failure or cirrhosis. If the patient has an exudative effusion, attempts should be made to define the etiology. Pneumonia, cancer, tuberculosis, and pulmonary embolism account for most exudative effusions. Many pleural fluid tests are useful in the differential diagnosis of exudative effusions.

I Assistant Professor. Department of Pulmonology. Correspondence to. OBJECTIVE: To propose a new classification criterion for the differentiation between pleural exudates and transudates-quantifying total proteins in pleural fluid TP-PF and lactate dehydrogenase in pleural fluid LDH-PF exclusively-as well as to compare this new criterion with the classical criterion in terms of diagnostic yield. METHODS: This was an observational, cross-sectional study with a within-subject design, comprising patients with pleural effusion treated at two university hospitals in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between and

The distinction between transudates and exudates

Materials and methods: A prospective observational study was performed over a period of eighteen months between January and June Eighty patients with pleural effusion were included and were evaluated with USG and CT along with diagnostic thoracocentesis. USG appearances and CT attenuation values along with additional findings like presence of pleural thickening, pleural nodules and loculation were evaluated. Transudative were always anechoic.

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The first step in the diagnosis of pleural effusions is the distinction between exudates and transudates.

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Citation: Muaz O. Article views PDF downloads Cited by 0. Muaz O. Previous Article Next Article. Research article. Download PDF.

Diagnostic Approach to Pleural Effusion in Adults

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