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The Indian literary tradition is the oldest in the world. It is primarily one of verse and essentially oral. The earliest works were composed to be sung or recited, and were so transmitted for many generations before being written down.

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Vikram Chandra. Work Biography Connect. In a waterfront bar in Bombay, an enigmatic civil servant tells stories to a group of friends. In "Dharma," an old soldier returns home to find that his house is haunted by the spirit of a small child; in "Shakti," two great ladies engage in ruthless drawing-room warfare; in "Kama," a policeman investigating a murder journeys into the mysteries of his own heart His work, comprising five short stories set in Mumbai, has beaten The God of Small Things , the Booker Prize-winning novel by Arundhati Roy, which was judged runner up in the same category.

Every time I start, I get stuck up at zeroing in on the names. There are so many great writers and novelists from India and of Indian origin, in the English language, that it is difficult to keep the list short. Please do add a list of current authors in Indian English Literature. Would love to read that too. Hey Pallavi. Do let me know how you like it?

The s witnessed a second coming for the Indian novel in English. Its messiah seems to have been Salman Rushdie. Its influence, acknowledged by critics and novelists alike, has been apparent in numerous ways: the appearance of a certain post-modern playfulness, the turn too history, a new exuberance of language, the reinvention of allegory, the sexual frankness, even the prominent references to Bollywood, all seem to owe something to Rushdie's novel. Nevertheless, to attribute everything to a single, personal intervention would be naive. The pretensions of the messianic critic are irrevocably deflated if he or she reads I. Although Sealy felt. They have read the same book, but the book is India.

Chandra's novel Red Earth and Pouring Rain (). This Indian Stylistically charming, Vikram is a virtuoso creator of vivid descriptions that enliven smells.

Vikram Chandra

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Девушка обвила его руками. - Это лето было такое ужасное, - говорила она, чуть не плача.  - Я вам так признательна.

Love And Longing In Bombay - Vikram Chandra
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