Don’t Lets Chart 203 – 65 Fabulous Years of Phil Catterall

Download it directly here. Your favourite facts 'n' fannying about podcast returns with an all star tribute to six decades of Phil Catterall (aged 39). There are messages from his friends - also Ben is there. Plus Phil's top 20 things of all time ever (that arent giant fighting robots) including some nifty 90s shootouts,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Lets Chart 202 – I’m So Tired, Why Are You Doing This?

Sexual swear words and adult situations ahoy this week as Ben and very under the weather Phil play a game of Birthday Top Trumps pitting unlikely duos born on the same day against each other, including a horror writer vs. a puppeteer, Johnny Marr's neck strength, Corbyn's collection of video nasties and Simon Bates in... Continue Reading →

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