New Book – Death x3 Stereo x3

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Hello popfans! I’ve written a new book about the strange world of music and its out now! There’s interesting stories from the industry, reviews, features and more personal pieces about how my life has been affected by pop including my tips on how to be a non-superstar DJ, the time I appeared in a rock video and even my guide to the perfect funeral party! Its basically a musical version of my book from last year “Kill Your Television” and I’m incredibly proud of it.

Click here to download a 50+ page preview of the new book!

There’s articles on:

  • The biggest bands that never made the top ten;
  • Irish pop from a distinctly outside perspective;
  • The early days of Frank Sidebottom;
  • The UK’s top 25 drinking songs;
  • The best of Creation Records;
  • The mysterious majesty of Australian art rock lunatics TISM;
  • Suggs and Judge Dredd – a marriage made in the IsoCubes?;
  • Why Kenickie deserved better;
  • The least greatest Greatest Hits,
  • Bowie, The Beatles and Barry McGuigan!
  • Plus: Terrorvision, Zig and Zag, Foo Fighters, The Levellers, Fountains of Wayne, Smith and Jones, Feeder, Madness and even Welephant. And much more! So much more!

By Ben Baker

A little bomb with feelings. I write books and make podcasts.

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