Don't Lets Chart

The Best of Don’t Lets Chart (Volume One)

Download it here.

The best of the first five episodes, plus a few bonus items for new listeners. 

Featuring: Why George Clooney shouldnt be allowed near your cat (or Meryl Streep), a wartime Bill Badger goes on the tube, wallpaper as a mid-morning snack, why the bullet catch trick is a horrible idea, greasy Furbies, the finest impressions of Yorkshiremen you will ever hear, Jamie Kennedy‘s experimental methods, the pathos of sugar, poisonous pop games, a bath with Kermit, being shot by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, playing with Inspector Gadget‘s arm squirter, the best worst sequels, Dick Dasterdly fails, a mannered respectful discussion on the life of Richard Nixon and, of course, Disney Cup. 

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By Ben Baker

A little bomb with feelings. I write books and make podcasts.

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