Don't Lets Chart

Don’t Lets Chart 113 – Crime Alert!

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Or “Congratulations! It’s A Knife!” Put yer hands up and drop the off-brand “Avengerists” action figure! Detectives Ben Baker and Phil Catterall are on the lookout for terrible toys from the past, street messers and sex type people doing naughty kissing and that. Why? Well, it’s summat to do between “Columbo” repeats, innit? 

Also: A Lady, Tim Allen funnies, bloody GoBots, dogs eating spaghetti, hugging a mutant chicken, the trouble with airplane toilets, knock off pogo balls, Hoo-Moon‘s arch enemy, free foundry hand-outs, Morrissey the Consumer Monkey, public speedboats, what makes an “Open All Hours relationship”, Oasis cassingles, the recalled Jo Brand action figure, the lie that 90s were over twenty years ago, Peter Falk sex and a tramp. With apologies to CheapShow for…well, they’ll find out.

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By Ben Baker

A little bomb with feelings. I write books and make podcasts.

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