Don't Lets Chart

Don’t Lets Chart 111 – What Night Is Space Bins?

Hello space fans and fellow mutants everywhere to the latest podcast from ‘Moon’ Ben Baker and Phil “G-Balls” Catterall! In this one: sub-par superheroes, Royal Variety rave ups and stuff shot into space (but not necessarily stayed there…)

Plus: the majesty of Les Dawson, hero Bottle Opener makes his debut, American puppets, we find out what the Brittas Empire cast were up to in 1996, the real true story of Laika the dog, a big net, Obnoxio The Clown spoils Dark Phoenix, disco dies, we all give thanks for Gary Wilmot, making work for the beeper, where Jasper Carrott fits into Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, 36 thousand worms, “Beak”, not very much about sport….and UGLY JOHN! 

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By Ben Baker

A little bomb with feelings. I write books and make podcasts.

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