Don't Lets Chart

Don’t Lets Chart 108 – McKellen For Robocop

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Presenting The First Annual 32 Fabulous Years of 1987 Show. 

Why? Dont worry about that. Just be dazzled and wowed by the bright colours and flammable materials of the era as Ben and Phil run down the first half of our listener’s selections for the best things of ’87 – thats right, FIRST! – you lot sent in some fantastic suggestions and we didnt want to skimp on the best so its our first exciting two-parter. Like Timelash. Ok, maybe not that…

In this one there’s grudging acceptance of The bloody Raccoons, we meet the Son of the Invisible Man, indulge the finest side of Prince, question Corey Feldman‘s career choices, predict a riot, get bored senseless by Willy Fog, give Stephen and Hugh a warm hand on their entrance, fail to get the point of M.A.S.K, see Johnny Marr run, delight in Martin Short being a bankable movie star, count down choose our contender for the Spectrum vs c64 top ten from this week thirty two years ago and two very different movies go head to head in perhaps the strangest quiz yet. So prick up your wossnames, pump up the volume and listen up! 

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