Don't Lets Chart

Don’t Lets Chart 105 – Runaway Puppy Massacre

‘Boogie Legs’ Ben and The All-New Some Biscuits Crew are sure in for a s-s-spooky time when they investigate Old Man Catterall‘s haunted mine to look for the secret hidden treasure of pop culture charts. And as they’ve just run past the same hallway twelve times, it must mean it’s an Animation Special! In today’s episode, we asked you for your top ten biggest Hanna-Barbera jerks, learn about movies got inexplicable TV cartoon transfers and burn down the house in answer to ‘how many Steamed Hams memes is too many’?

Plus: Green Day Vs. Smash Mouth – an ill-advised battle, taking responsibility for Rambo, the most 1991 thing in the world, Skinner‘s burger rampage, Aliens….for kids!, who “did”, a car full of teenagers solving crimes with some mist, enjoy some smashing organ work, Shmoosplaining, a guest appearance from Garreth F Hirons from the terrific Retrospecticus podcast and not a single fighting puppy in sight.

Visit the new Don’t Lets Chart Twitter feed: @dontletschart or visit us separately @benbakerbooks and @fil5000.

And give some love to our special guest @InvaderAce1 from the highly recommended Simpsons and modern history podcast @_Retrospecticus here.

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By Ben Baker

A little bomb with feelings. I write books and make podcasts.

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